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Usage : To boost and increase appetite for your little one.


What essential oil in this APT OIL ?

1. Ginger Oil

2. Bergamot Oil

3. Myrrh Oil 


Benefit of each oil.


  1. Ginger Oil
  • Ginger Essential Oil has earned the nickname “The Oil of Empowerment” for the feeling of confidence that it is known to inspire. 
  • Excellent essential oil that has shown to stimulate appetite 
  • Ability to effectively combat nausea to boost appetite. 
  • Stimulating and warming. 
  • It can enhance concentration and it can soothe and reduce feelings of stress, sadness,anxiety, lethargy, agitation, dizziness, and fatigue. 
  • Help to eliminate of toxins, boosts digestion, eases discomforts of the stomach and bowel, enhances appetite, clears the respiratory tract, soothes aches, and reduces inflammation. 


  1. Bergamot Oil
  • Stimulates the digestive system upon inhalation, promoting the flow of gastric juices and signalling hunger to the brain. 


  1. Myrrh Oil
  • Increase the appetite and promotes the absorption and assimilation of nutrition
  • Improve the appetite and stimulates digestive process