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Our Story

Our Story

Audelia Naturals are on a mission to make this crazy, awesome, unbelievable journey of motherhood a little easier. As parents, we try to make safe, smart and rational choices for our kids. And from one too many desperate nights, feeling like our only option to care for our fussy baby was with harsh chemicals and mildly effective treatments, our idea of Audelia Naturals was born.

That is when we discovered the power of Essential Oils and how to use them to care for our little ones. However, we got overwhelmed quickly with how to use Essential Oils - we were struggled with professional team to blend them correctly, and dilute them properly. PLUS, we struggled to find the time to figure it all out! So when we were unable find an easier, more mom-friendly solution, we thought "Yes, we can do this ourselves!"

With Audelia Naturals, you can easily and reasonably tap into the power of natural Essential Oils and don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals and other yucky stuff, allowing you to feel good, while your little one feels better. Furthermore you can go back to doing what you do best - loving and nurturing your sweet baby.


The Founder of the products is Noor Inora Putri Noor Zainy. She is the owner of Sincerely by Us Boutique quickly climbed to Flavoursbysbu Café, Mileamam Hq and now Audelia Naturals. Incorporating good business management strategy, she ensures Audelia Naturals remains strong financially through business diversity. Hence through her vast experience and talent, she bring ideas and innovation to the organization.