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AN Aroma Diffuser Set

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Enjoy three of our most popular Mummy's Rescue Kit essential oils with the Bedtime, Sniffles, and Baby Shield Set. Whether you are looking for oils to help keep your children healthy, help them settle down before bed, or help them with congestions, start with this set. This set includes our stylish design Aroma Kids Plug in Diffuser, making it ideal for the essential oil newbie or long-time enthusiast.

Bedtime: Promotes a calming atmosphere for a good night’s rest.

Sniffles: Helps support a healthy respiratory system.

Baby Shield: Supports a healthy immune system.
Directions : 
Each essential oil can be diffused using 3-4 drops per 100 mL of water or follow the indicator line. For topical application, please dilute with your favorite carrier oil or lotion.