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Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

Frankincense Pure Essential Oil

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Calming, visualizing, meditative

Ingredients: Boswellia Carterii Oil

Size: 10ML


  1. Helps Reduce Stress Reactions and Negative Emotions
  • When inhaled, frankincense oil been shown to reduce heart rate and high blood pressure.
  • It has anti-anxiety and depression-reducing abilities, but unlike prescription medications, it does not have negative side effects or cause unwanted drowsiness.
  1. Acts as a Sleep Aid
  • Frankincense uses include lowering levels of anxiety that can keep you up at night.
  • It has a calming, grounding scent that can naturally help you to fall asleep. This natural sleep aid helps open breathing passages, allows your body to reach an ideal sleeping temperature and can eliminate pain that keeps you up.
  1. Improves Memory
  • Research suggests that frankincense oil can be used to improve memory and learning functions.
  • According to pharmacological studies, frankincense had materials that helped maintain memory.
  • According to one study showed that 4 weeks of frankincense consumption affected the retention (2 weeks) of motor memory in the elderly.

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